imPULSE membership

"We are a community of daring entrepreneurs and investors, looking to lead the crypto-Web3 industry of the future"

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imPulse founding membership

Membership fee: 21000  $IMP *)

Membership lifetime: as long as you have 21000 $IMP in your wallet

Pre-seed Investing Priority: YES

*) $IMP is the imPULSE token on Pulsechain. 

To become a member, acquire these tokens. 

(contract: 0xb4f59f38cb3a677c0c93572e67b5b1adc08613e2)

imPulse junior membership

Membership fee: 1000 $IMP *)

Membership lifetime: as long as you have 1000 $IMP in your wallet

Pre-seed Investing Priority: NO

Mission: “The Most Exclusive Membership on the Blockchain” – For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Investors

“The Most Exclusive Membership on the Blockchain” – For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Investors

We have created an invitation-only membership of like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors. We call it ‘The Tribe.’ The membership grants access to top industry leaders at the forefront of the blockchain and web3 and their projects, an in-house innovation labs, and a strong network. Our membership is NFT based.

And every member is passionate about Our Mission.

To make the blockchain technology easy to use into our day-to-day lives and business. To accelerate decentralization and the next evolution in human society.

To establish a world where everyone benefits from the freedom and possibilities of global open digital communities.

Tribe Marketing

Tribe marketing means that our Community has a purpose and shares responsibilities. These include access to cutting edge technologies, access to industry leaders, access to projects, and sharing the membership with like-minded individuals who believe in our mission.

Benefits & Opportunities

#1 Knowledge and Education

Our ‘by-invitation-only’ community provides you with the kind of knowledge and education you cannot find on social media! The insides allows you to make decisions that let you win long term.

#2 Early Access to Projects

Think about having a chance to invest in the next Google, Amazon, or Uber at family or pre-seed levels. Whether built by us or by 3rd parties, all projects are vetted before being shared with the community.

#3 Access to Easy-to-use Technology

We develop solutions allowing people to use this new technology as easily as downloading an app from the store. For example, one of our platforms makes buying and selling NFTs a one-click experience.

#4 Membership Rewards

All projects share their rewards back to the members – To all of us. *No* need to sell anything. *No* need to invest in anything. We are in this venture together.

Why a membership ?

If you had invested $10,000 in Google in the beginning, you would have $208 million in cash today.

So, why didn’t you?

First of all, because you didn’t know about that opportunity.

For years, most benefits of the internet boom were exclusive to a few venture capitalists and in Silicon Valley.

Today, it’s happening again!

The new internet – Blockchain and Web3 – is a $6 trillion industry, and yet most opportunities are reserved for only a few insiders.

We all have heard about the 1st mover advantage; however being the first might not be enough anymore. 

You also need to be ready for mass marketing, and offer benefits to many, not just a few.

Our membership is exactly this, half networking half innovation labs, a real chance to own more, more life, more money, more control, more business.

Each member has access to next generation technology before the general public. This is one of those rare opportunities that appears once in your lifetime, if you are lucky!

And it’s easy to use, built for business, not for geeks.

Let’s be straight.

In the crypto industry it’s hard to access the real deals until it’s too late (or worse, a scam.)

Finding information is hard and time consuming; often impossible for an outsider.

We don’t wait for access, we grab it from the source!

No middlemen, and no hard-to-use technology.

Membership benefits

Only members have access to our pre-seed investment projects and partnerships. These projects are available to members long before they are going public. Founding members get access to investment opportunities with priority long before seed investors have access. There are multiple advantages our members can access.  We introduce founding members only in personal meetings. Our goal is to acquire likeminded people to build our exclusive community.

Our membership is based on 4 pillows

we are part of a blockchain academic research with Professor Alex Preda, Kings College which is a top UK university 

multiple upcoming WEB3 projects and funds

crypto bank

the next big things

gaming projects

lottery projects

banking projects

Once you are a member, invite your network to join your tribe. No code required,  just a tap on your mobile app.

Get a piece of the community revenue, and use the tech to organize your own circle. It’s yours, on the blockchain, forever! Other people build communities, we are building tribes with a strong culture and the goal to be part of something bigger than yourself!

Payments from the members you introduced are shared back to your wallet (immediately, automatically, and transparently by smart contract.) 

Revenue from community is shared back via airdrop to every tribe builder, to help fund and grow your community. 

It’s YOUR tribe. It will work even if we all decide to close. That’s the beauty of the blockchain.

Every member receives an NFT master key with real utility.

Access physical events without buying tickets. 

Access online conferences without reservation. 

Access digital contents without subscription. 

Keep it, collect it, or sell it. It's yours. Forever! 

You may have heard of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) as digital pictures of funny monkeys and weird pieces of art.

This is NOT what you’ll find here. We aim to use the full potential of Web3, and so will you.

When you become a member, you’ll receive a tokenized master key — a next generation pass specifically built for the incoming New World.

You’ll be able to access physical events without buying tickets, online conferences without reservation, and digital content without subscription.

Keep it, collect it, or sell it. It’s yours. Forever!

Not just another community. We build wealth, and get access.

We are not another membership that overspends on fancy brochures and board’s dinners. At core, we are entrepreneurs and builders.

A big part of the profit goes to the Innovation Labs, building tools and wealth for the members. It’s a great time to leave a dent in the universe.

Get next generation tools FREE. From calculating your cryptocurrency taxes with a click (and seeing how to reduce them for next year), to getting corporate wallets for your business, and much more. Free for members. 

Access business before anyone else.Sometimes, the innovation spins-off into a separate business. From tokenized real estate, to next gen loyalty programs. Get access as a user or an investor, exactly as you like. 

Freeride the Labs' advisory.Sometimes, the Lab helps other businesses with its expertise. In exchange, the business offers our members favourable conditions and early access to its fundraising. 

Easy-to-use by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Every tool built by the Innovation Labs aims to be easy-to-use and built for business, not for geeks.

Our CEOs excellent excellent track record in:

all featured in BBC, TEDx, WIRED, Amazon

How to apply for a membership

-- Access to membership is only available through introduction and onboarding. --

How to apply for a membership:

Send Email to

Include your name, surname, phone number

Provide 2-3 dates for a personal call

We return a call to you asap

How to make money with this membership

We are investing in many deals thru dedicated funds which are tokenised. These are projects are mainly start-ups in WEB3 the biggest business opportunities in the upcoming future. Also own projects are launched in this space, lead by to industry experts and entrepreneurs. There is a continuous "deal-flow" on a weekly basis.

Members will receive quarterly revenue shares via airdrop (USDC / USDT) to their white-listed wallets.

Typically these are 10x to 100x projects after a 18-24 months period. 


Real Example from the past: 

If you had invested $10,000 in Google at its beginning, you would have $208 million in cash today.

So, why you didn’t?

First of all, because you didn’t know about this opportunity.

For years, most benefits of the internet boom were exclusive to a few venture capitalists, and in Silicon Valley.

This will change if you become a member with us.