This New revolutionary Ledger product alert! has introduces a new HW wallet device in December 2022, delivery start March 2023. This is a great device.

Meet Ledger STAX, powered by the Secure Element Chip and Ledger’s proprietary OS, battle-tested for years by security experts.

Visit original shop only, never buy on eBay or Amazon 

Visit original shop only, never buy on eBay or Amazon has very affordable HW wallets. They are reliable, small and good pricing.

Visit original shop only, never buy on eBay or Amazon 

FAQs on HW wallets

Why using a HW wallet ? 

Because they're offline, hardware wallets are considered one of the safest methods of safeguarding a user's private keys. However, a hardware wallet won't replace the usual crypto best safety practices. If a user is careless with their keys or seed phrase, it won't matter what kind of wallet they use. A HW Wallet will not secure your funds in this case.

How does a HW wallet work?

Hardware wallets store your private keys on a physical device with specialized firmware that prevents your private keys from being accessed. Your computer communicates with the hardware wallet, sending your transactions to the device to be signed and then returned to your computer as signed transactions. Your crypto is NOT stored on that device. Your crypto always remains on the blockchain. Buy holding your seed phrase you can always proof and sign that you are the owner of the wallet or funds. 

Do hardware wallets have fees?

The hardware wallet devices themselves can cost anywhere from around $50 at the low-end to about $500 at the top of the market. Besides that, the wallets themselves do not impose any fees for users. However, any crypto transactions made through the wallet will be subject to the usual network and exchange fees.

How safe are hardware wallets?

Because they’re offline, hardware wallets are considered one of the safest methods of safeguarding a user’s private keys. However, a hardware wallet won’t replace the usual crypto best safety practices. If a user is careless with their keys or seed phrase, it won’t matter what kind of wallet they use.

What happens if my hardware wallet breaks? Will I lose access to my crypto?

Thanks to how the blockchain works, losing your hardware wallet or accidentally putting it through the washing machine won’t affect your holdings. As long as you still have your seed phrase your wallet can be recovered. If you lose both your hardware wallet and seed phrase, there’s a good chance your funds could be unrecoverable.

How can I secure my seed phrase?

Your seed phrase backup should be stored in a secure location, accessible by only you. Physical security also implies that you will not lose or forget its location - so don't hide it so well that you forget how to find it again. Data security is usually accomplished via a locked safe or encryption. There are multiple strategies to secure your seed phrase : 

What are additional security measures?

In our free resources section we show you additional measure. But here are some mandatory things to watch:

Why NGRAVE wallet?

Why Trezor wallet?

Why Ledger wallet?

With the Ledger Nano™ series, we created the most successful security hardware of all time, with more than 5 million sold and none ever hacked. 

As Web3 continues to change the world, you may wonder: what is the next step in our journey? 


Ledger has the world’s best security.

Our Donjon team is an ‘attack lab’ made up of world-class experts constantly looking for vulnerabilities. Security is a human right. A basic freedom. Proliferating hackers shouldn’t stand a chance of stealing your Web3 value. 

Security will always be at the heart of our products, but we also needed a fresh look to revolutionize your Web3 experience. 

That’s why Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod and co-creator of the iPhone*, teamed up with us. He is the mastermind behind Ledger Stax™, inventor of this revolutionary device, designed in collaboration with LAYER. Ledger Stax is the result of Ledger’s security culture and Tony Fadell’s unparalleled expertise in creating the most user-friendly products. 

Ledger Stax makes your crypto journey infinitely more intuitive. It is a credit-card-sized device enabling you to manage over 500 digital assets, your NFT collections and to explore an ever-growing range of Web3 apps by connecting it via Bluetooth®** to your Ledger Live™ mobile app.

Ledger Stax’s most significant innovation? To bring the E Ink®*** curved touch screen to hardware wallets, giving you the most space to see what it is you’re signing and making this device the most convenient Web3 display ever. 

With Ledger Stax, you can personalize your Web3 experience as much as you want, making your crypto journey truly yours. You can give it the name and style you prefer on the spine and main screen, just like a personal book, making your Web3 identity alive and tangible. 

Ledger Stax is so named because you can stack them up. These devices have magnets so that you can stack them magnetically. You may wonder: why own multiple Ledger Stax? Many of our users already have different Ledger™ devices, each serving various crypto or NFT purposes, and it’s the same with Ledger Stax. You can have one device for your NFT collections, another for your Ethereum-based assets, and so on. 

Ledger Stax is your elegant entry point into Web3, opening the doors of digital ownership to hundreds of millions of people. 


The Internet wave of the 2000s, Web2, changed how people connect thanks to breakthrough Internet devices: smartphones. 

That’s what hardware does; it reshapes the daily lives of billions of people. 

Web3 needs a similar hardware milestone to revolutionize how billions of people own and trade value. Smartphones have democratized the Internet of Information. Ledger devices will do the same for the Internet of Value. 

You may wonder: why can’t your smartphone or laptop do the job of exploring Web3? I’ll be clear: they were not created for Web3. They don’t stand a chance of securing your digital value. With Web2 hardware as the main entry point to the crypto world, the number of users seeing their digital assets stolen has reached a new all-time high in 2022. That’s not how Web3 should develop.

And that’s not all. 

This year was pivotal when major centralized platforms went bankrupt, froze clients’ withdrawals, and wiped away users’ funds, sending shockwaves through the crypto market. 

Besides third party failures, it was outright theft.

The lesson is clear. When you give your private keys to a third party, you lose control over them; you lose control over your digital life. Crypto was invented to be decentralized and transparent, not to rely on centralized entities prone to mismanagement or hacks. Web3’s most significant promise is to usher in a digital world underpinned by publicly auditable distributed networks. This revolution of trust has nothing to do with third parties freezing your tokens when something goes wrong. 

Digital ownership is not a buzzword, it’s a right set to underpin your future digital experiences, and Ledger unlocks this right. With our devices, you own your private keys, you own your digital life. You manage your digital assets and NFTs and explore an ever-growing range of Web3 DApps with security and ownership.

And let’s underline something key: Ledger is an open platform built at scale. External developers can easily integrate their coins, tokens, blockchains, apps, and services directly into the Ledger ecosystem, enabling an ever-growing range of DApps at your fingertips.


We’re barely beginning to scratch the surface of the Web3 Revolution. It is a glimpse of a digital world controlled by each of us, changing our lives even more than the Internet did in the 2000s.

Ledger will be at the heart of this shift. 

Today, Ledger is your gateway to the world of crypto and NFTs. As the wave of tokenization continues to spread, Ledger will enable anybody to manage their digital currencies, virtual art, properties, identities, and anything else of value, reshaping how billions of people own and trade value forever. 

As the Metaverse develops, as more parts of our lives become digital, keeping control and security over our digital experiences is not an option. It’s a necessity. Ledger will enable a future where people connect to the Internet while keeping full sovereignty over their data, controlling their identities and protecting their digital assets. That’s what Ledger stands for.

Whether you’re an investor, an artist, a creator, or a crypto newbie, Ledger Stax is your safe entry point toward the next digital era. 

I’m excited to be on this journey with you. 

Pascal Gauthier