imPULSE Strategies

setting up strategies for 2023 and beyond 

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general strategies

There are several ways to potentially make money with cryptocurrency:

We are focussing on either derivatives of the above or categories.  Typically a 4-step approach. Why ? because we have certain values and principles we follow to protect you: 

the bread crummer strategies

If you are new to crypto investing and want to get started, here are a few steps you might consider. 

The goal is to learn: 

apprentice strategies

journeyman strategies

master strategies

we are following a 4-step approach

One strategic learning concept that involves four steps is known as "scaffolding." Scaffolding is a teaching method that involves providing increasing levels of support to a learner as they progress through a task or concept. The idea is to gradually reduce the level of support provided, allowing the learner to take on more responsibility and independence as they become more proficient in the task.

The four steps of scaffolding can be described as follows:

Overall, the goal of scaffolding is to provide learners with the support they need to master a task or concept, while gradually increasing their independence and autonomy as they become more proficient. This approach can be effective in helping learners to overcome challenges and to build confidence in their abilities.

where should I start ? 

If you are interested in getting started with crypto investing, here are the steps you can follow to identify the best approach for you:

the cycle game

The crypto space is a business based on cycles mainly driven by Bitcoin in the long run. There are bull and bear market cycles, gated by the Bitcoin halving event. Typically a full cycle is about 4 years.

For each phase other rules or strategies apply.

Let's look at the cycles first.

2014 drop sharp & crash

2015 sideways trending up

2016 sideways trending up, BTC halving

2017 run-up sharp to ATHs

2018 drop sharp &crash

2019 sideways trending up

2020 sideways trending up, BTC halving

2021 run-up sharp to ATHs

2022 drop sharp &crash         

2023 sideways trending up. 👈YOU ARE HERE

2024 sideways trending up, BTC halving

2025 run-up sharp to ATHs

2026 drop sharp &crash

2027 sideways trending up

2028 sideways trending up, BTC halving

2029 run-up sharp to ATHs

2030 drop sharp &crash

2031 sideways trending up

2032 sideways trending up, BTC halving

2033 run-up sharp to ATHs