2022 Blockchain Security Report

2022 Blockchain Security Report.pdf

2022 Blockchain Security Report

This 63 pages report tells you more about blockchain and AML through real examples. Blockchain security and AML analysis report - 2022 Annual by Smowmist

This report takes a close look at the major events in the blockchain industry that took place in 2022. It provides an overview of the security status of each area within the industry and delves into common attack techniques. Additionally, it uncovers a few phishing techniques and analyzes the flow of stolen funds in some security incidents. To round things off, the report introduces an advanced method for tracking coin mixer funds through a comprehensive analysis.

✅Blockchain Security

✅Blockchain Anti-Money Laundering

✅Current State of Blockchain Security

✅DeFi / Cross-Chain Bridges


✅Wallets / Exchanges

✅Attack Methods

✅Phishing/Scam Methods

✅Top 10 Security Incident Losses

✅AML Analysis of Top 10 Security Incidents