Guide to AML for crypto.pdf

2022 Guide to Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

A 26 pages step-by-step guide to risk mitigation and regulatory compliance best practices for Crypto Firms.

Introduction: Crypto AML Regulations

The AML and regulatory landscape for crypto firms is changing rapidly. This creates both challenges and opportunities for compliance teams.

Building an AML Program

A step-by-step guide to building an AML program for crypto firms - including a risk assessment, personnel, technology, stakeholder management and expansion into new markets.

Success stories

Meet some of the crypto firms working with ComplyAdvantage to enhance their transaction monitoring, customer screening and ongoing monitoring systems.

Regulatory Landscape

Explore the latest regulatory trends and developments in major global crypto hubs, from the United States to the European Union to Australia, China, Singapore and Japan.

Emerging Use Cases & Threats

From DeFi to ransomware, fraud and sanctions evasion, crypto compliance is littered with a host of opportunities - and risks.