Vision Mission

(banks vs. blockchains)

We are founded on the principles of

  • freedom of speech

  • freedom of movement

  • and freedom of choice

as fundamental human rights.

Our vision is to empower you to make good decisions and show you alternatives to todays centralised financial solutions. We help you to leverage and adopt the new digital economy. Decentralized blockchain solutions are becoming more and more common practice. We make your journey into the world of REAL decentralised finance (real DeFi) as easy as possible.

We provide imPulse for the digitalisation of your business processes, tokenisation of assets while eliminating middleman in your personal and business eco systems wherever possible.

We offer an imPulse to upgrade your personal wealth and health so you can stay more focused on better your life.


(optimist pessimist futurist)

We have personally experienced market crashes, projects failing, scams and drawdowns of assets as well as several crypto market cycles. We have seen short term extreme volatility or market FUDs such as news delivered via so called serious media that caused people to panic and sell or buy.

All of this helped us to grow and learn. Today we know how to mitigate risks, estimate long-term trends in bear and bull markets, provide TA, identify rugs or red flags.

We offer an in-depth Crypto 101 education that dives into the basics of digital currencies, blockchain technologies or security measures.

We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and loyalty. Whether in person, Zoom calls or on discord, we offer a unique, one on one service.

Let us show you how to monitor your investments and maximise your profits and cashflow.


(building vs. betting)

We never present projects that we have not done the extensive research we feel is required.

We take you step-by-step through the highes appreciating asset class with confidence.

Our clients have exclusive access to our private community server to chat and problem-shoot. Our consultants are ready, willing and able to help with any problem to be solved.

Our services are a rich resource for those that are looking for a place to start that they can trust.

We provide access to our VIP Executive Networks.

We pave the way for non-public opportunities and we design innovative concepts for your business or your private interests.

We teach people to navigate the crypto markets, including information on buying, selling and staking digital currencies or investing. We guide our users on their way into the new metaverse.