How to use Metamask with your HW wallet

You might ask, why to connect my #hw-wallet with #metamask

In general, you can use either one (Metamask or your HW-wallet) itself to transact your crypto. If you want to use next level of security the combination of those two is the trick.

Combined with MetaMask, hardware wallets allow you to secure, control and use your assets as you please. This is especially necessary for Ethereum since it’s a platform with lots of utility and flexibility. Since MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet, it means you will need to implement your own security. Using a hardware wallet greatly improves your security with both your private keys and when interacting with smart contracts or decentralised exchanges.

MetaMask allows you to connect a Trezor, Ledger or NGRAVE. This allows you to:

  • Check your account balance (ETH or other tokens).

  • Sign transactions — eg: send ETH and ERC20 tokens and collectibles, deploy contracts, etc.

  • Sign messages

Some sites may be integrated with MetaMask but not with the aforementioned hardware wallets yet. Connecting your wallet with MetaMask, allows you to interact with those sites now! In addition, this helps developers, as it gives their users more options with less development work on their end.

Setup your HW Wallet for use follow the steps your HW manufacturer will guide you. Once your HW Wallet is setup, follow these steps to connect to Metamask:

  • Unlock your MetaMask

  • Select the icon on the top-right corner

  • Select ‘Connect Hardware Wallet’

  • Choose Ledger, Trezor, Lattice, or QR-based

  • Click ‘Connect’

  • Select an account you want to interact with (note: MetaMask can only have one account connected and accessible at any given time)

Once you have successfully connected your account, it will behave just like any other MetaMask account, with the difference being that you need to have your wallet plugged in for signing transactions or messages.

If you want to remove the connected account later, simply click the ‘X’ next to it on the accounts list menu (MetaMask will remember your account name and transaction history if you reimport that account in the future).

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